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We envision equitable, thriving, and regenerative communities where individuals and organizations bridge power gaps and silos with a mindset of abundance.


We work collaboratively with you to establish and achieve your goals. We show you how to identify and access funding opportunities. We are transparent about our business model, deliverables process, and billing.


We provide ROI estimates on grant strategies and include regular reporting and feedback check-ins as part of our standard practice.


We practice active listening and following up to be responsive to you and the communities you represent.


We actively court underrepresented clients and underrepresented consultants in an effort to make grant funding available for those who have not been able to work within funding systems that favor those with existing resources.


We understand that the legacy of funding models in our nation has lacked fairness and accessibility across groups and organizations. We work to recognize, overcome, and transform such obstacles.


We work toward improving accessibility by facilitating virtual participation and meeting you where you are. We strategize ways to accommodate even the smallest budgets and remove barriers for clients.


We involve stakeholders early and often to increase the likelihood of your success.


IN LAK’ECH, Tú eres mi otro yo. You are my other me. Our mission is to facilitate investment in communities.


We use our work to fight structural inequity. We are dedicated to re-distribution of wealth in the way we work internally and with clients.


We advise our clients on short-term and long-term considerations such as diversifying revenue streams and the different approaches to solving urgent problems versus ensuring future growth years out. We teach clients about our processes so they can thrive long after our partnership.


We are life-long learners always striving to find out what we don’t know and willing to try new things.

Forward thinking

The way we work reflects the change we wish to see in ourselves and in our communities.


We are open to radical, out-of-the-box thinking. Before we say “that won’t work” we think about what could make it work.

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