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Sol Partners is a QTBIPOC strong consulting firm specializing in equity, diversity & inclusion work, fundraising, and media production. We actively reach out to BIPOC clients and BIPOC consultants, among other minoritized groups.


Sol exists because we understand that equity is engineered and we know we can build a better world. 


Sol provides a professional space especially by and for minoritized people, where empowerment and transformation are guiding principles.


Eva Karene Romero, PhD (she/her/ella)

The daughter of a Paraguayan and an Iowan, I’m a queer mestiza who grew up in a juxtapositional space between South America and the United States. My identity, lived experience, formal education and life’s work have always involved translation, communication and bridge building. Through Sol I deepen my work bridging divides and silos created by power hierarchies. Wealth redistribution is one of my passions.

My experience with grants began in 2003 with international grant management at The Rotary Foundation in Chicago, IL (where I was fortunate to have Desiree Adaway as my boss--which she basically still is!) I also used grants to fund my research at The University of Arizona UA), where I earned a PhD in Spanish/Hispanic Cultural Studies and a certificate in Gender and Women's Studies. I’m the author of Film and Democracy in Paraguay (Palgrave, 2016) and I truly  enjoy producing worthy film projects. A storyteller at heart, I love working with film, photography and podcasting. I’ve served the arts as Board President of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona and also as chair of the Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I’ve served rural Arizona as a Bilingual Writer for UA Cooperative Extension and as the co-chair of the ALVSCE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council.  I'm a 22/23 Inclusive Fellow of the UA Inclusive Leadership Institute, and in 2023 I spent six months supporting the UA Executive Office of the President as Sr. Program Manager for Inclusion.

Besides being the mother of an awe-inspiring eight-year-old and a string of foster animals through Arms of Angels All Breed Animal Rescue, I also love gardening, hiking, yoga, zumba, dancing and painting. I recently kickstarted a meditation practice at Dhamma Dena Mediation Center and am excited about that journey.


Eden Kinkaid, PhD (they/them)

Eden Kinkaid (they/them) joined the Sol team in 2023 after completing their PhD at the University of Arizona in Geography and Gender and Women's Studies with a certificate in College Teaching. Eden's dissertation work focused on local food systems, urban development, and food justice in Tucson, Arizona, with a specific focus on Tucson's UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation. Eden also publishes on topics of queer and trans life, feminist politics, geographic theory, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. Eden has been writing grants for the last ten years. They are passionate about social justice issues and especially excited to help local organizations acquire funds to address community needs in this area. 


R. Rose Reza, MLIS & M.A. (she/they)

I am an autistic and neurodivergent queer transsexual femme of color, of Latine & Arab descent, born in the U.S. in the early 1980s to Paraguayan parents but raised and educated at the American International School of Riyadh, KSA from roughly 1987 to 1994. The circumstances of my upbringing as a “Third Culture Kid” growing up in the late 1980s to the early 1990s consisted of experiencing both a sense of disconnect from my then-host society, followed by “reverse culture shock” upon returning to the U.S., and culminating in the onset of a painful and traumatic “Puberty 1.0” and the accompanying debilitating body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria—never at home abroad, never at home in the country of my birth.  Equally alienated from my Latine, Iberian, and Arab heritages, I responded in the only way I could. As a child, I crafted identity from pieces of U.S. and international pop culture I consumed growing up (U.S. cartoons and Japanese anime of the late 1980s and early 1990s; video games of the Nintendo-dominant 8-bit and 16-bit eras; Dungeons & Dragons), and as a dissociative, body dysmorphic and gender dysphoric adolescent, I sought a sense of belonging in the U.S. punk rock music and culture of the 1980s and 1990s. I mark all the cultural influences upon my body in the form of tattoos which hold meaning far beyond the skin-deep. And I live within the cognitive dissonance of holding both pride in the “culture” I created for myself, and sadness from a sense of cultural/ethnic alienation and anomie extant to this day.

While I never thrived in any public or private educational system built upon allistic centrism, I was fortunate to have graduated high school in a U.S. state that used state lottery earnings to fund every state resident with four years of tuition at any state-based university or college. I lacked direction until finding a passion in History, which I honed for the next decade after receiving my B.A. (UNM, 2005). Earning my History M.A. (NMSU, 2009), I pursued a Ph.D. in Ottoman history at the University of Arizona from 2010 – 2016 until discovering burlesque performance art allowed me to find my authentic self as a queer trans femme. I returned to academia in 2021 and—drawing upon my innate love of history, historical narrative, critical theory, and the largely BIPOC queer and trans communities in Tucson, AZ—earned my MLIS (U of A, 2023) with the intent of securing work as an archivist and giving back to my community of QTBIPOC. I am still seeking work in that capacity with organizations that uphold my personal values, but I currently find meaningful work as a Digital Archives Intern with the People’s Media Record through my membership in the 2023 cohort of Drexel University’s LEADING Fellowship, and as a Lead Consultant with Sol Grant Partners.

Having once lived a hectic and social media-heavy life as an ex-academic burlesque performer, I currently greatly enjoy a humble, solitary existence with my two beloved feline companions. I enjoy reading for pleasure (something graduate school almost extinguished); partaking in media analysis; playing video games; playing electric guitar; roller skating; and existing in a semi-perpetual goblin mode


Yolie Contreras (she/her)

I am the proud daughter of a migrant father from El Salvador and a second generation Queer, Mexican-American mother. I identify as a Salvi-Chicanx Woman of Color, which honors my heritage and birthplace. I was born and raised in southern California but now call the Arizona desert my home. I have accumulated a rich tapestry of lived experience while navigating through decades of intergenerational trauma. Growing up in this way has provided me with unique insight into what it’s like to live within several marginalized identities at once. I have made it my mission to use my privilege, education and lived experience to always center those who are the most marginalized in our society. 


I have always been called to acts of service which began when I was in high school. I became the youngest volunteer, at age 15, for a local nonprofit which served as my introduction to the world of nonprofits. My grant writing experience began in 2015 when I enrolled in Arizona State University, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies with a certificate in LGBTQ Studies. I was the first in my family to graduate high school and college. While attending ASU, I completed an internship with GLSEN Phoenix in their development department that set me on the path to combine my writing with acts of service. I am a writer at heart and began by writing zines in the late 90s, this led to me co-authoring a zine lib guide for Arizona State University (the first of its kind). I have since gone on to continue publishing more zines and I write about them academically and professionally. For the past two years I have been part of the organizing team for the Phx Zine Fest and I have been awarded two consecutive grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts to fund these amazing fests. I’ve served Southern Arizona through my position as co-chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals’  IDEA Committee (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access). Currently, I am serving as a Community Advisory Board member for KXCI. 


I happily live a childfree lifestyle with my husband and two rescue cats. My favorite hobby is collecting hobbies. As such, I dabble in embroidery, knitting, painting, sewing, restoring dollhouses, and stamp carving to name a few. If you would like to read about my thoughts on nonprofits and fundraising in general, please visit this link



Working with Sol Grant Partners is a dream! Their team is 100% committed to equity, which is critical for us, and their product could not be better. Outstanding writing, timeliness, flexibility, compassion and a deep expertise in funding in Southern Arizona. On our most recent grant, Eva and Yolie saved us countless hours by steering us in a more strategic direction. The often overwhelming and onerous task of writing grants became…can we say it? FUN!

Emiel Brott and Anton Russell, Co-Executive Directors

The Drawing Studio

"I got the Case for Support -- it leaves me speechless! It makes me want to cry!! It makes me wonder why on earth it took us so long to ask you all for help. It makes me sad that we waited so long to begin this process -- where would we be today, if you had done all of this for us five years ago? It makes me so grateful that you are doing all of this now! THANK YOU!!!

A Happy Client

I have worked with Sol Grant Partners for about a year now. Their knowledge, skills, and attention to detail have impressed me from the very start. I started a new nonprofit called La Tierra del Jaguar last year with very little knowledge about what I was getting into. Without Sol Grant Partners help I am not sure I would have gotten through the first year. Now I feel prepared and inspired to take on the challenges to come, with Sol Grant Partners’ help of course. They were able to work with me and our board to define and craft our message, set goals, and find grants. Once the grant opportunities were identified they helped us with the process, writing, and positioning to help us have the best chance of getting the grants. I am pleased to say we have had considerable success on that front! Sol Grant Partners are our partners and they should be yours too.

Randy Young, Executive Director, La Tierra del Jaguar

Eva is an experienced, compassionate, and hard-working fundraiser. Her coaching on how to speak to potential donors, what to ask for in your pitch, and where to seek support for your next project is invaluable. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs fundraising help.​

Anna Augustowka, Documentary Film Director and Producer

Sol Grant Partners are professional and experienced consultants. They worked with our non-profit to assess our fundraising goals, research, and add new funding opportunities and assisted us with several proposals. They are flexible and understanding of the challenges that come with non-profit work. I highly recommend them!

Eli Burke, Education Director, MOCA Tucson

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